334 Thompson Lake Lane
                                              JUST IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING

About 1991 I lived near Charlotte, N.C. On a huge lake called Lake Norman.  It's a really beautiful man made lake of
about twenty- five thousand acres.  Elegant homes, magnificent shoreline, a little bit of heaven and real close to the
Motor sports capital of the world.  I worked as a designer specializing home interior and exterior revitalizations.  

Being  an outdoors kind of a guy.  If I wasn't out on the lake fishing, I was working on the property.  Trying to get just
the right look.  Well, Just when you think you got it.  Somehow something is always missing.  House is Super,
boathouse fine, Boat pier...hmmm, can't have a Big enough pier.  (Who says you can't have a frig, TV, and a couch on
a pier)  

Anyhow, while I was visiting home in Georgia, there it was.  Long Grey Spanish Moss.  Hanging for all to see right
where I had grown up.  You Know, It's kinda funny how things you were around all your life, you never really notice.  I
sat on my brother's porch and watched it sway in the breeze.  Smelled it's tiny blue- green flowers and remembered.  

Two days later I'm heading back to North Carolina with the trunk full of Spanish Moss.  Back home on my lake
property I'm like a kid decorating Christmas trees.  Devising ways to chunk the stuff higher in the trees.  Completely
amazed at my new skill as a moss hanger.  The Neighbors were suspicious that I had found one of Grand paw's
moonshine stills, and I would soon be swinging from branch to branch yelling, the lawn mowers are coming, the lawn
mowers are coming.( I Never mentioned lawn mowers, that I remember).

As usual Everybody said; It Won't grow, can't survive, It's got red bugs, yada, yada, yada.  Well by the following
spring.  I've got Spanish Moss hanging four feet long and spreading.  Seems the red bugs were more at home in the
swamps than on the Spanish Moss.  Never had any.  

My lake side view became kind of a let's ride by and look at thing for boaters.  I've even had people come up on the
property and snatch some off the trees.  My playful old German Shepard didn't care much for this of course, His trees.  
But,  It was kinda entertaining watching people high stepping back to their boats.  Little did they know my dogs name
was dammit the dog.  So yelling dammit the dog and running with the moss trailing behind them entertained dammit a

Everybody asked.  Where can I get some?  (moss, not grandpappy's shine.)  So I formed a little company in Georgia.  
Shipping boxes of the Moss up to the Carolina's.  This person, told that person and pretty soon my little business got
so big I had to cut back on fishing time.  So in order to salvage my reputation.   I quit my three piece suit and tie job.  I
read, I studied, I watched.  Trying to learn more about how adaptable and hearty this air plant really is.   Seems
everything I read was by somebody, who knew nothing about the stuff, except the big names for it.  

Fourteen Years later,  I'm back in Georgia, On the Oconee river basin.  Harvesting, growing  and shipping Spanish
Moss all over the USA.  I supply Brokers, wholesalers,  city, county, and state Agencies, several Zoo's and a lot of just
fine people who want to add a little Dixie to their Property.  

So, that's about it.  Not very exciting Huh.  I do Love the South and enjoy sharing That laid back, Down In Dixie feeling.  
Contact Me personally If you have any questions.  Answers are free.  I guarantee I can show you how to make Spanish
Moss Thrive on your property no matter where you live.   
Cat -- (HC)